Thursday, July 14, 2011

College and Grizzlies

I've never been comfortable with the thought of living in Grizzly bear country. As a matter of fact, I've told Russell that I will not camp in grizzly bear country so he better not take a job anywhere near grizzly bear habitat because I ain't going...period. But, the other day Cheyenne and I attended the University of Montana freshmen orientation and there were Grizzlies everywhere ...on the campus, in the bookstore, in the dorms and I realized I needed to make an exception because I now have a "Griz" living in my house...

...she's less hairy, won't eat us in our sleep and wears really cute recycled glass earrings... once again I've had to eat my words...which, in all reality, is better than being eaten!

The organic "GRIZ" mom, 

P.S. We spent the night in the dorms and I can assure you that dorm room beds are just as uncomfortable now as they were back then.

P.S.S. Send your college girls off with a great pair of upcycled glass earrings in their school colors...drop me a line at and I'll custom make a pair.

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