Sunday, December 26, 2010

Candlelight Service And Burnt Hair

This Christmas I was worried about my 8 year old boy at the candlelight boys fire is never a good idea, ever.
This picture explains why....

BUT, I should have been worried about his 18 year old sister.... 
...she's the one who singed her hair!

Hope your holidays were wonderful!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Making Paper Bags Out Of Book Guts

If you ever look in the back of an elderly person's closet (by elderly, I mean far, far, older than myself) you will probably find at least one (if not several) Reader's Digest Condensed Books. They were quite popular at one time and the older ones had really nifty designs on the cover.  They aren't hard to find and if you mention you're looking for them you may end up with a truckload so proceed with caution! *Special note, if you're a librarian read no further.  I took the covers off the books and made purses out of them which left me with a bunch of book guts....this meant I now had to come up with an idea for those! Well, as fate would have it I was trying to come up with an idea for a small gift bag for my jewelry that was completely green and my brain was churning. I think in my sleep sometime (I'm not really sure) I came up with what I thought was the most clever idea of all time....use the book guts!!!

The following is a picture guide as to how it is done...very simple, don't be intimidated.

 First get your friends to come help by bribing them with free cookies (I'm always a sucker for this one so I just assume everyone else is).

 Tear out the pages one by one - the ripped edges add charm so don't be picky.

Fold them in half.

Sew along one short side and the side opposite the fold with a zig-zag stitch. I used old thread that I found at one of my favorite secondhand store in Hamilton, MT. 

Use the chain method to save time and thread... I just learned this today from Chrie.

 Cut the bags apart. You can be done at this point but we print our logo on the bags by running them through the printer.

Finished product.... Taa Daa! 
These bags are small but can be made any size depending on the books you use.

Happy Christmas From Tumbled Trinkets!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Better Late Than Never

We girls from Salmon go to Spokane every June to a show called the Farm Chicks Antique Show We set up our booth and have the best girl weekend of the year. The creativity eye candy for those of us who love to putter around with junk!  If you ever get the chance you need to go.
Us Girls at the Farm Chicks Show
At the show I had a drawing for a free pair of earrings if you signed up for my e-mail make a rather long story short I had wanted to do the drawing after the website was up so the winner could go and pick out her favorite pair of earrings. We recently got the new website up and running so..... I just called the winner the other day (better late than never)!! 

Marla was thrilled and she picked out this pair....

And then she bought this pair....

Just in time for Christmas...see how that all works out!!!

Marla was such a gem to talk to and I hope I get to see her in person again somewhere down the road. One of the neatest things about this show is meeting new people...but the friends you already have are great for helping you haul all your junk around!

 Here's a few more pic's of us at the show....

Cyndi and Barb hard at work!

Enjoying was scrumptious.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Bacon Christmas Poem

Every year I write a poem for Christmas instead of a Christmas letter. I started this tradition completely by accident and now everyone expects me to write something witty each year. I knew I was in deep doo-doo. Being witty during the holidays can cause one to eat fourteen shortbread cookies along with a wine chaser
and this is all before breakfast!

Last year was different.... usually I can pull it off (with the above mentioned help) but both my uncle and my father had passed away that year and I just couldn't make it happen. So instead one night I sat bathed in the light of my Christmas tree and asked them to continue watching over me from above..... and they still do. 

They were men of hard work and honor and they wouldn't let me rest on my laurels another year, so here goes .....and I think I can pull it off. 

Merry Christmas From The Bacon House 2010

Christmas is here and the snows’ coming down….
And the lights are twinkling all over town.

Another year has gone by with a flash and a wink….
Causing me to reflect, and to ponder and think.

Chey is a senior with less than a year…
 I’m beginning to panic with thoughts of OH DEAR!

She’s leaving us soon and it’s all gone too fast ….
Time goes so quickly so do make it last.

I’ll be out numbered by boys two to one…
And I can’t help but wonder if that can be done.

Will I make it with no other girl in the house?…
“Oh please”,  is the muttering that comes from my spouse.

“We can’t have her forever she must spread her wings ….
To experience life with all that it brings.

I know he is right but it does make me think…..
Who will do the dishes that pile up in the sink.

We call Chey, “The Dish Queen” but her reign is soon ending ….
And Ethan is getting the message we’re sending.

Her reign may be over, but you’re soon to fill in..,
“Hey this doesn’t seem bad”, I say with a grin.

The torch will be passed from one to another…
And I’m off the hook cause I am their Mother!!!

Merry Christmas

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pecan Tarts and Tumbled Trinkets Christmas Sale

Today I finally got the last of my Christmas treats done... Hallelujah!!!! I was up at 5:30 making pecan tarts and quite frankly it was really hard to pry my body from beneath the warm covers that early on a Saturday. I somehow managed to stumble down to the kitchen and the results were simply sumptuous. I think I ate twelve.

We had eggs, bacon and pecan tarts for breakfast...who could ask for a more balanced meal.
We are also running our Christmas Sale with 20% off your entire purchase through the weekend...but the tarts aren't included, we ate them all.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Crafting "Glam Gloves" With My Girlfriend Cyndi

My dear friend Cyndi is a fabulous artsy person and whenever we get the chance we like to sit and putter together on craft projects. She had this cute idea for dressing up winter work gloves with scrap material. She came over yesterday and while I sewed aprons for an order she put several pair of gloves together for a craft show. The results were adorable and the conversation was witty. Who could ask for more on a gray foggy day!
Cyndi being crafty.

The result of her craftiness! She made brown ones too but I forgot to get a picture of those.

Last one, I did make my husband Russ put on a pair for a picture but that picture was fuzzy. If you listen closely you can here his eyes roll -  he's is a very good sport who wants to retire early so he pits up with us in hopes that we all make it big!
Cydni's gloves can be had for $5.00 a pair and they make great stocking stuffers....give her a call at 208-756-8588 for more info. She also sells antiques.... great friend to have but she does make you help her haul a lot of junk around!

Don't forget Tumbled Trinkets has great ornaments and the pins make great hostess gifts! Have a great weekend and keep warm.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recycled Ugly Christmas Costume Contest

I went to my husband’s work Christmas party this past weekend and they had a contest for the ugliest Christmas outfit. I got second…beat out by a guy who’s grandma helped put his together! His was actually a great get up and I won a box of chocolates so who can complain!  Everyone got in the spirit and it was a hoot to see all the ugly sweaters, dresses and shirts that were once the height of fashion. Yikes! I’ll attach some pictures so you can judge for yourself.
 I used a great pair of vintage ornaments as earrings and my biggest worry was if I could keep them on all night. The ornaments were rather large and chunky and I wondered if my earlobes could take the pressure. I managed to make it several hours, but I was wishing for a pair of Tumbled Trinkets by the end of the night!
I picked up my entire outfit at our local second hand store for the whopping total of $3.00 and I’m going to donate several of the items right back to them….yes they were that ugly! Someone else might love them or at least like them a little – but probably only if they need a gag gift. I’m sure I’ll see some of the same sweaters from the party back in circulation as well!

So….if you don’t want to wear ornaments for earrings come see our website for fabulous styles and colors to add sparkle to your Holiday season.


P.S. Our aprons are a big hit in the kitchen and our ornaments are great for the tree - don't forget our upcycled glass earrings  make great stocking stuffers! Have a happy and green Christmas and repurpose with flair!