Monday, February 21, 2011

Wounded Fingers and Hazard Pay!!

This past week I have been cutting glass for a new series of recycled glass pins. So far, I've cut out baby chicks, caterpillars, dragonflies and a brand new design that I can't wait to show you.... you'll have to wait...but here's a clue....

...because I can't stand it when people say, "you'll have to wait,"
....makes me nuts!!

Now cutting glass is not without it's hazards...

...and I have the wounds to prove it!

...and I think I should get hazardous pay but since I'm my own boss and I don't pay myself.... that seems rather unlikely... I'll just go buy more band-aids!



  1. Maybe you could hire one of your friends... oh, wait those benefits keep getting in the way... JK Love tumbled trinkets!!

  2.'re killing me!! Scott...gloves too bulky.

  3. YEAH! A BLOG about your jewelry. I just love my new earrings, have worn outfits to match my earrings for the last few days. YEAH!
    FYI, when I worked with metal, I put Bandaids on my fingers before I cut the metal. They make a bandaid that doesn't come off in water, so they are a little thicker and rubbery, really comfy to work with.

  4. LOL - great picture of the hazards, not laughing at your injuries just the look on your face! I've had that same look on mine plenty of times I am sure.