Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recycled Ugly Christmas Costume Contest

I went to my husband’s work Christmas party this past weekend and they had a contest for the ugliest Christmas outfit. I got second…beat out by a guy who’s grandma helped put his together! His was actually a great get up and I won a box of chocolates so who can complain!  Everyone got in the spirit and it was a hoot to see all the ugly sweaters, dresses and shirts that were once the height of fashion. Yikes! I’ll attach some pictures so you can judge for yourself.
 I used a great pair of vintage ornaments as earrings and my biggest worry was if I could keep them on all night. The ornaments were rather large and chunky and I wondered if my earlobes could take the pressure. I managed to make it several hours, but I was wishing for a pair of Tumbled Trinkets by the end of the night!
I picked up my entire outfit at our local second hand store for the whopping total of $3.00 and I’m going to donate several of the items right back to them….yes they were that ugly! Someone else might love them or at least like them a little – but probably only if they need a gag gift. I’m sure I’ll see some of the same sweaters from the party back in circulation as well!

So….if you don’t want to wear ornaments for earrings come see our website for fabulous styles and colors to add sparkle to your Holiday season.


P.S. Our aprons are a big hit in the kitchen and our ornaments are great for the tree - don't forget our upcycled glass earrings  make great stocking stuffers! Have a happy and green Christmas and repurpose with flair!

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