Monday, December 13, 2010

The Bacon Christmas Poem

Every year I write a poem for Christmas instead of a Christmas letter. I started this tradition completely by accident and now everyone expects me to write something witty each year. I knew I was in deep doo-doo. Being witty during the holidays can cause one to eat fourteen shortbread cookies along with a wine chaser
and this is all before breakfast!

Last year was different.... usually I can pull it off (with the above mentioned help) but both my uncle and my father had passed away that year and I just couldn't make it happen. So instead one night I sat bathed in the light of my Christmas tree and asked them to continue watching over me from above..... and they still do. 

They were men of hard work and honor and they wouldn't let me rest on my laurels another year, so here goes .....and I think I can pull it off. 

Merry Christmas From The Bacon House 2010

Christmas is here and the snows’ coming down….
And the lights are twinkling all over town.

Another year has gone by with a flash and a wink….
Causing me to reflect, and to ponder and think.

Chey is a senior with less than a year…
 I’m beginning to panic with thoughts of OH DEAR!

She’s leaving us soon and it’s all gone too fast ….
Time goes so quickly so do make it last.

I’ll be out numbered by boys two to one…
And I can’t help but wonder if that can be done.

Will I make it with no other girl in the house?…
“Oh please”,  is the muttering that comes from my spouse.

“We can’t have her forever she must spread her wings ….
To experience life with all that it brings.

I know he is right but it does make me think…..
Who will do the dishes that pile up in the sink.

We call Chey, “The Dish Queen” but her reign is soon ending ….
And Ethan is getting the message we’re sending.

Her reign may be over, but you’re soon to fill in..,
“Hey this doesn’t seem bad”, I say with a grin.

The torch will be passed from one to another…
And I’m off the hook cause I am their Mother!!!

Merry Christmas

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