Friday, December 10, 2010

Crafting "Glam Gloves" With My Girlfriend Cyndi

My dear friend Cyndi is a fabulous artsy person and whenever we get the chance we like to sit and putter together on craft projects. She had this cute idea for dressing up winter work gloves with scrap material. She came over yesterday and while I sewed aprons for an order she put several pair of gloves together for a craft show. The results were adorable and the conversation was witty. Who could ask for more on a gray foggy day!
Cyndi being crafty.

The result of her craftiness! She made brown ones too but I forgot to get a picture of those.

Last one, I did make my husband Russ put on a pair for a picture but that picture was fuzzy. If you listen closely you can here his eyes roll -  he's is a very good sport who wants to retire early so he pits up with us in hopes that we all make it big!
Cydni's gloves can be had for $5.00 a pair and they make great stocking stuffers....give her a call at 208-756-8588 for more info. She also sells antiques.... great friend to have but she does make you help her haul a lot of junk around!

Don't forget Tumbled Trinkets has great ornaments and the pins make great hostess gifts! Have a great weekend and keep warm.

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