Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day and Lemhi Lumber - Success and a Mountain of Cookies!

On February 14th I hauled all my Tumbled Trinkets and 8 million cookies to Lemhi Lumber hoping to successfully bring Valentine's shopping into guy 9:30 I thought this may be the worst idea I've ever had. We had been open for an hour and a half without even a bite (unless you count all the cookies we had already eaten). Then Sherry (one of the employees) came shopping for her daughter...she saved my ego...

She toiled with her decision because she is the mother of a teenage daughter and all of us who have teenage daughters can relate to her plight...we used to be able to pick out things our daughters loved but now when we bring things home they look at us as if we had a third eye...she picked out upcycled pink earrings and a pendant and hoped for the best...and we ate more cookies...

Then two guys from the car dealership across the street came in (one was the husband of my Yoga instructor, Kit... she actually sent him in and told him to bring friends...and he did...God Bless husbands who listen, they have happy wives... with really cute earrings!

Judging by the dorky look on my face I'm not buying whatever Dave (plaid) is saying! 

...more people came in and the day turned into a complete success...

but as the day went on, I began to notice one thing...I had made WAY to many cookies. When I came up with this Valentine's/Lumber Store idea my girlfriend Cyndi told me," make sure you don't run out of cookies"....I took her literally and made 8 million cookies... as the day progressed it became apparent that we were not going to make a dent in the cookies.... 11:30, I became a cookie pimp..

...ironically, I made a batch of chocolate mint brownies just in case we ran out of cookies...

Beth did her part by eating so many that she spoiled her lunch...she came back complaining that she ate way too many cookies but she ate more just to help the cause (along with a brownie)...what a trooper! one was leaving without mind you, these are REALLY good cookies and the brownies can make your heart sing so everyone was willing but the numbers were just to staggering...

...I took cookies to the nursing home, my friend Debbie, my daughter's friends, teachers, Russ's work (where I saved Mardi from a bag of dry Captain Crunch with a mint brownie), my friends Rhonda, Jenn and Patti... the list goes on and I still have some the moral of the story is...sometimes you can have TOO many cookies which up to this point I would have never dreamed possible...

...if your in the neighborhood please stop by for a cookie.


Thanks to everyone who made this day a success, especially Fred and Lemhi Lumber who let us run with our crazy idea!!

P.S. Sherry's daughter came in after school and picked out different earrings...God love Sherry for trying!!


  1. LOL! Love it!! Especially when the staff at the junk yard (not the restaurant, but literally the salvage/junk yard) told my hubby to get over there and buy your jewelry! :) Better quit listening to that Cyndi chic!

  2. I love it!:0) btw the kids LOVED the cookies:0

  3. Mmmm....where did you get the recipe for those brownies? Wow they look tasty!